Bitcoin Wallet App Development Cost and Including Features

Creating a rock-solid crypto exchange with high-security features is always a challenge for cryptocurrency exchange developers. Analyzing the past and current security attacks and taking measures only to prevent such attacks alone,How To Create a Crypto Exchange With High Security Standard Articles is not gonna work forever also it will not result in a successful cryptocurrency exchange development process.

In order to make a strong cryptocurrency exchange, the developers should predict future market fluctuations and the possible hi-tech security attacks that could occur in the future. The planned cryptocurrency exchange development should be in line with deep market analysis.

We at bitdeal develop future cryptocurrency exchanges, through proper forecasting, analysis, technology integration, and implementation in our development process. We are very happy to say that our cryptocurrency exchange products and development services are acknowledging the cryptocurrency exchange security standard released by hacken.

To create a highly secure cryptocurrency exchange we must need a high secured premium cryptocurrency exchange script. Hence, we made our flagship product cryptocurrency exchange script, to meet all the cybersecurity checks.

Let’s check out the cybersecurity features and other features that make our cryptocurrency exchange script to stand alone in the competitive market.

We have developed promising cryptocurrency exchanges and a bunch of beta exchanges on queue, all of them are fulfilling the following security standards

Cybersecurity score check

Penetration tests

Bug bounty

Bitdeal Cryptocurrency Exchange Script: Cyber Security Features

We always ensure that our cryptocurrency exchange script does not violate any security rules, and we used to scrutinize essential cybersecurity features, that could prevent a developed beta exchange from security attacks. Our cryptocurrency exchange script has the following specifications.

SSL / TLS Certified
Cookie Security
DNSSEC- Domain Name System Security Extensions
SPF – Sender Policy Framework record.
WAF – A web application firewall
Open Ports
Strong Password Policy
Captcha API
Device tracking and Management feature

Penetration Check

Our cryptocurrency exchange script has passed the penetration test conducted by our security team, whereas the examinations involved finding the vulnerabilities that could have caused huge damage for users as well as the exchange.
Bug Bounty

We used to conduct a bug bounty program with our security team, after every successful completion on each base of our cryptocurrency exchange development process.
Proof Of Funds

At bitdeal we are not providing any direct solutions for proof of funds, instead, we can help you to gain more customer base, by integrating liquidity solution, merchant APIs, and various other features, that could drive funds from users to your wallet.

Final Thoughts

The cryptocurrency exchange security standard is not only released to check the security standard of an exchange but it also helps to rank a cryptocurrency exchange based on security. Most of the above checks are done only after the successful launch of a cryptocurrency exchange, Whereas the Proof of funds is an examination process, which can be conducted only if an exchange has a minimum wealth of $1 Million. So to gain this much financial back up in the wallet, an exchange should have remained working for at least a year and should have a continuous transaction. When the exchange meets minimum eligibility you can take it to the certification process.